About the symposium

Welcome to the website of the symposium of W.S.G. Isaac Newton. This symposium is a yearly event intended for mechanical engineering students at the Universiteit Twente and companies in the technical field. The goal of this day is to provide an opportunity for students and companies to get in touch with each other, and to get a glimpse into their future workfield. Besides that, the symposium is a wonderful opportunity for companies to gain more recognition among students. This two handed aspect is what makes this event particulary interesting for both businesses and students.

Mechanical engineering students at the Universiteit Twente are trained to become engineers with a lot of project-experience. This is accomplished by the project-centered education model that is in effect on the UT (TOM). Within this programme students come across a wide variety of companies in which mechenical engineering play a role. Every symposium centers around a given theme, and the applications of mechanical engineering in businesses that have a relationship with this theme are underlined.

The symposium of this year will shine a light on the refined technologies behind a more exclusive world, a world that may be the future of the students: the world of  a luxury lifestyle. This lifestyle is powered by the most high-tech products like yachts, private jets and sport cars without forgetting the beauty of classic technologies found in watches and tailored outfits. This lifestyle is crafted for, but more importantly, by the elite. The theme of this year is; Luxury Lifestyle; Engineering for the Elite.